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Connoisseur of luxury lifestyle

Emporium-Collection is a unique, memorable experience company that provides its High-net-worth members, bespoke luxury travel management services via the “by invitation only members club”. Connecting members with luxury experiences and suppliers worldwide. We provide real-time availability, showcasing the most exceptional variety of Hotel Suites, Private-Jet connections and Yacht Charter experiences in one propriety solution.

Our portfolio of posh properties has been curated to cater to our 21st-century Haut-monde travelers that are only interested in the finer things in life.

Why Us

We pride ourselves in being the Go-to Luxury Hotel Provider.
With a reliable system and an exclusive membership. We handpick properties that conform to our highest standards to give our members an experience par excellence. Knowing out discerning members, there are certain aspects that hold immense importance, such as the architecture, location, spa facilities, unique concepts, corporate ethics, culinary offerings and the most imperative of all, the commitment of the team to achieve excellence.

Who we are

Emporium is a Members-Only Lifestyle managing company that specializes in curating all things luxury. Whether it is hotels, experiences, shopping, restaurant bookings or flight bookings, our diverse network makes the impossible possible! We are the hustlers behind the scene that create seamless experiences between our members as per their unique profiles.

What we do

Providing a platform where luxury hotels with their rich histories come in contact with our modern tools of promotion, Emporium boasts of excellent marketing strategies guaranteed to steer the magnates and the moguls into action. Our tailored communications tool is a valuable resource designed solely to meet your day-to-day needs including the latest news, exclusive offers, sales and marketing programs, reports, digital media & reservations portal and much more.

Who we Help

If you are a luxury hotel offering world-class services offering a unique experience looking for a stream of elite travelers for your best and most exclusive suites, then we welcome you to join the emporium collection journey.

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